Welcome to Dance School

Let’s face it. There are lots of online resources for dancers, and plenty of free content. Unfortunately, it can be hard for people to sort through all that stuff and know what they can trust.

There is a ton of so-called dance instruction by people who have never learned actual technique. Much of it falls short, leading dance students to limit their potential and make mistakes that can take years to correct.

We’re ballroom dance teachers who started creating online content during the COVID-19 lockdown and realized that people wanted quality video-based dance lessons. We launched this website initially as a vehicle to host our own content. But we soon realized that this could be a trusted resource for anyone wanting dance instruction, including other styles of dance that we don’t teach.

Every instructor who wants to be part of our faculty must be professionally certified by a governing body in their discipline. This ensures that you receive the highest quality instruction available online.

The site is open to all dance styles and all forms of instruction, from lectures to technical insights to full courses. We offer the ability to host live Zoom classes. We’re even working on a mobile app.

There is content for all skill levels, and each video identifies the skill level associated with it so that students feel comfortable. You can start as a raw beginner and progress through the different skill levels at your own pace.

Courses are purchased with a low one-time fee that gives you lifetime access. Pricing is in line with what you would pay to attend classes in person. In fact, you save money, because you may revisit courses you purchase here as often as you like without paying more. New material is added regularly.

Special Features

Online dance courses exclusively by professionally certified instructors.

Purchase dance classes with one-time payment for lifetime access.

Access to live dance classes through the Zoom video platform

Are you a professionally certified dance instructor?

We are actively looking for new instructors who see the future potential for dance instruction in video form and wish to expand their influence beyond the local scene. The goal of this website is to act as a hub for high quality dance instruction. All dance styles are welcome. Revenue is split in a way that is fair to both parties. We host the video content through our video embed channel, and provide assistance in setting up your content. We support your goals through active marketing of content and search engine optimization.

We require all instructors on this site to provide proof that they hold professional certification by a governing body in their style. If you are interested in becoming a teacher registered with school.dance please get in touch.

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