Improving the Man’s Pivots in Spin Turns

Spin Turn pivots

The Natural Spin Turn begins with a single step known as the Natural Pivot. This remarkably simple action causes a huge amount of grief.

We have seen countless problems with the man’s pivot that is used in the Natural Pivot Turn and the Natural Spin Turn. The most common issue is the man’s heel lowering too early, before the rotation is complete. There are numerous reasons why the heel lowers early.

In this short 11-minute video lesson, George Pytlik goes over these problems and helps to identify why they are the source of so many issues, with tips and technique to help you avoid them in your dancing.

Who is this course suited for?

  • You have some experience with the Slow Waltz and/or Quickstep at the Bronze level
  • You are familiar with the Natural Spin Turn
Improving your Spin Turn Pivots

A quick technique video that provides additional information to help improve the most common issue we see with the man's pivot at the start of the Natural Spin Turn.

You can learn this dance with any shoes, or even in stocking feet if you like. Shoes will give you more stability. Avoid shoes with crepe-style soft rubber soles, as those will stick to the floor, impeding your movement.
Give yourself enough space to perform the Natural Spin Turn to practice the technique described in this video.
Although you'll need a partner to dance the Waltz or Quickstep, you don't need one to learn the technique through this video lesson.

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