Intermediate Cha Cha

The Cha Cha is a fun, flirtatious dance with staccato actions utilizing a number of distinctly different Chasses.

A comprehensive program covering nearly 3 hours of instruction, this is the same one we teach in our group classes. Your lessons are broken down into different parts to make it easier for you to learn.

In this program you’ll learn how to use 9 of the 10 Chasses available (one of them is not well suited to social dancing so we leave that one out), in a series of 14 different step groupings that allow a wide variety of options for social dancing.

This course focuses on Bronze and Silver figures, with a couple of Gold figures thrown in because they are relatively easy. Many of the step patterns we cover in this routine are the same ones taught in the technical manuals used by dance teachers around the world. No matter where you travel in the world, dancers will be familiar with these patterns. We have added a couple of open-level variations to keep things interesting.

Rather than teaching a routine, we focus on “groups” of step patterns. The reason is that when people learn a routine they quickly fall into a pattern where they only dance the routine the same way every time, which is not only boring but limits your ability to improvise and explore everything ballroom dancing represents.

Throughout the video, we cover common issues that we see in teaching and in watching social dancers, providing useful insights to help you dance a more technically accurate and enjoyable Cha Cha, yet without the burden of too much technique.

What makes this program different from others is that we don’t just show you the figures in isolation, but in sets of step groupings so that you can see how each figure can be used in a sequence with others. This helps you to better understand each figure, and gives you insight and experience in finding new ways to combine figures in different ways as you dance.

Main Features

  • 14 terrific groups of figures perfect for social dancing
  • Expert, step-by-step instruction for rapid learning
  • Two instructors show you each figure in detail
  • Each group demonstrated from two directions
  • Detailed explanation of common mistakes to avoid
  • Learn how to combine steps to actually dance
  • Downloadable choreography guide

Who is this course suited for?

  • Anyone with basic Cha Cha experience wanting to expand their skill
  • Those who want to learn new figures in Cha Cha
  • Those who want different ways to combine figures in creative choreography

Intermediate Cha Cha Technique

This lesson covers the two most important aspects of good Cha Cha technique: leg action for International Style Cha Cha, and timing of the Chasse.

Cha Cha Group 1: Fan and Hockey Stick

This initial group is one of the most common groupings in Cha Cha. You'll learn the Fan and Hockey Stick, followed by the Three Cha Chas as a fun and visually striking ending. The video also includes additional technique on the Forward and Backward Locks.

Cha Cha Group 2: Natural Top and Closed Hip Twist

Another popular combination, the Natural Top is a rapidly rotating figure in which the man circles around the lady. We follow this with a Closed Hip Twist to Fan.

Cha Cha Group 3: Reverse Top

The Reverse Top is the exact opposite of the Natural Top in every way. Here the couple rotates to the left and the lady circles around the man. In this group, we begin the Reverse Top immediately after the Closed Hip Twist, ending in Fan Position.

Cha Cha Group 4: There and Back

The highlight figure in this group is called There and Back. We start with a Natural Opening Out Movement, which is similar to the Closed Hip Twist, followed by Side Steps and continue with There and Back. The group finishes with another set of Side Steps. We also cover details like arm movements and situational awareness for this group.

Cha Cha Group 5: Time Steps

Time Steps are similar to Shoulder to Shoulder, but in this case both partners step back rather than having the man step forward. This group applies the Time Step immediately after Shoulder to Shoulder for an interesting and easy combination. We also show you how to make the Time Steps more dramatic with Guapacha Timing.

Cha Cha Group 6: Cross Basic

The Cross Basic is a Silver level figure, but surprisingly easy. We show you how to dress up your Cross Basic by combining two of them with both an Underarm Turn and Spiral Turn options, as well as using Guapacha Timing with shaping.

Cha Cha Group 7: Aida

The Aida is a very popular Silver level figure that typically begins after a Hand to Hand. We show how to lead it effectively, and give you two possible endings that are a lot of fun, with appropriate technical notes.

Cha Cha Group 8: Alemana and Rope Spin

The Alemana is a Bronze figure that can be used in various ways, including ending in Closed Position. The Rope Spin is a Silver figure that uses a Spiral. We go through a number of technical details to help you lead this group effectively, as well as covering spiral actions and how to position the man properly for a successful outcome.

Cha Cha Group 9: Shadow New Yorks

The Shadow New York is not an official figure in the International syllabus, but it's a huge amount of fun so we include it in this program. The man guides the lady to shadow position from which you dance into New York action. In this group we conclude with an underarm turn leading back to a closed basic.

Cha Cha Group 10: Cuban Breaks & Swivels and Breaks

This group includes both the Cuban Break Chasse and the faster Split Cuban Breaks in a fun combination. We go through considerable detail to help you dance these figures successfully. Then we move on to Swivels and Breaks to finish off a fun and dynamic group.

Cha Cha Group 11: The Sweetheart

Although the Sweetheart is a Gold figure, it's not too hard so we include it in this series. This is a fun step where the couple exchanges places from side to side. It starts in Open Facing Position with Handshake Hold which you can enter after an Underarm Turn.

Cha Cha Group 12: The Chase

The Chase is a fun Silver figure in which the man and lady chase each other in a back-and-forth pattern. This figure begins and ends in Open Facing Position.

Cha Cha Group 13: Side-by-Side Sequence

This group consists of a wide variety of Cha Cha Chasses put together, many of them in a side-by-side structure where both partners dance the same thing for a fun presentation on the floor, followed by Three Cha Chas where the man chases the lady, eventually catching up with her. The group begins in Open Facing Position and can end in either the same or in Closed Position.

Cha Cha Group 14: Open Hip Twist

This is very simple group starting from Open Facing Position, ending in either Fan Position, or with the man turning to the lady.

You can learn this dance with any shoes, or even in stocking feet if you like.
The Cha Cha is relatively compact, capable of being danced in a small space. Some of the groupings do move more, so we recommend a space of 25 x 25 feet (3.5 x 3.5 meters) in size for the best learning experience.
Although you'll need a partner to dance the Cha Cha, you don't need one to learn the dance through this video program. We show you the figures from both the man's and lady's perspectives, so you can learn and practice without a partner.

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