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The Tango. The name itself conjures up visions of strong, sexy, aggressive partner dancing with dramatic actions. In the early part of the twentieth century, the entire world went Tango mad, but the dance was considered scandalous because of its sexuality.

Today, Tango is no longer controversial. It hasn’t strayed very far from its roots. There are now three different styles of Tango, with the International and American Smooth styles being the easiest to learn. We focus on a blend of those two styles in the Beginner Program. This is one of the easiest dances to learn, so dive right in!

In this 70-minute video dance class, you’ll learn the basic elements of Tango with a common group of figures that you can use to dance around the room. George and Wendy take you through the same program they have used to successfully teach hundreds of couples in live group classes.

Main Features

  • Designed with raw beginners in mind
  • Expert, step-by-step instruction for rapid learning
  • Two instructors show you each figure in detail
  • Detailed explanation of common mistakes to avoid
  • Learn how to combine steps to actually dance
  • Advanced information to upgrade your skill

Who is this course suited for?

  • Anyone learning for the very first time, with no dance experience
  • Those who have danced, maybe even for years, but with no formal training
  • Those who learned the Tango a long time ago and need a refresher

You’ll learn how to follow the music, important details about posture and Tango movement, the Walks, Tango Rocks, Promenade Link, and Closed Promenade. Then we show you how to combine those figures to move around the room.

Course Preview: Beginner Tango

Learn to dance the Tango with George and Wendy Pytlik. This introduction covers the different kinds of Tango and some basic understanding of the dance.

Understanding the Tango

An introduction to the different kinds of Tango, the origins of the dance, the music, and the basic ballroom dance hold. Note that while there is a special Tango hold, we don't go into that in this beginner program as it leads to information overload for those learning the dance for the first time.

Tango Walks

This lesson shows you how to move in Tango. You'll learn the figure known as Tango Walks, and gain insight into use of the legs so that you look amazing when you dance.

Tango Rocks

The Rocks are a popular Tango figure used in many ways as a part of other figures. We show you the basic Rocks and give you some insights to avoid common problems we often see on the dance floor.

Promenade Link

This popular figure takes you from a basic Closed Position to a position known as Promenade. It is often danced poorly due to common misunderstandings, many of them caused by motion picture Tango scenes. In this lesson, George and Wendy show you how to avoid those problems and give you insights into the lead and follow of this action.

Tango Closed Promenade

This figure switches from Promenade Position back to Closed Position. George and Wendy show you this figure in detail, including some common issues so that you avoid problems. This concludes the basic step patterns we cover in the Beginner program.

Moving Around the Room in Tango

This short, final lesson shows you how you join these figures together and repeat the group to dance all the way around the room. We also add a couple of insights to ensure that you look great as you dance your basic Tango.

You can learn this dance with any shoes, or even in stocking feet if you like. We don't recommend shoes with soft rubber (crepe style) soles, as they can stick to the floor making it hard to move. But running shoes with hard rubber soles can often work okay.
The Tango moves around the room, but for this Beginner program you can learn with a minimum of space. We recommend having an area at least 6 feet x 10 feet in size (2 meters x 3.5 meters) to give you enough space to work through the individual figures we show you. A larger space is helpful but not essential for the initial learning process. Once you actually put the dance into practice, you'll need even more space in order to connect the figures into a pattern that moves.
Although you'll need a partner to dance the Tango, you don't need one to learn the dance through this video program. We show you the figures from both the man's and lady's perspectives, so you can learn and practice without a partner.

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