Mastering the Ballroom Stretch

You’ve seen the beautiful stretch that great lady dancers have, making them look tall and elegant in the Ballroom dances.

The gentleman has a stretch as well, but it is more vertical than that of the lady. In this short 11-minute video, you’ll learn more about the nature of the stretch and how to achieve it.

Wendy gives the ladies an exercise to help them feel the stretch in their own body, as well as giving some insights for things not to do.

Main Features

  • Designed for dancers at an intermediate skill level
  • Expert instruction for rapid learning
  • Two professional instructors

Who is this course suited for?

  • Dancers who are somewhat familiar with ballroom dances
  • Those who have danced, maybe even for years, but with no formal training
  • Those who want more insight to look more advanced in their posture
Perfecting the Ballroom Stretch

A brief 10 minute look at the stretch (for both gentlemen and ladies) in the Ballroom dances.

This lesson is suitable with any shoes, or even in stocking feet if you like. We don't recommend shoes with soft rubber (crepe style) soles, as they can stick to the floor making it hard to move. But running shoes with hard rubber soles can often work okay.
You'll need a partner to dance any of the ballroom dances, but you don't need one to understand or apply what is taught in this technique class.

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Level: Intermediate