Learn to Dance the Cha Cha

Beginner Cha Cha

A classic Latin dance, the Cha Cha is a lively dance with a flirtatious personality, characterized by a three-step pattern known as a “Chasse.”

In this video dance class that totals almost an hour and a half of instruction, you’ll learn the basic elements of International-style Cha Cha with a common group of figures that you can use to look great in any social dance setting. We give you enough technique that you can look polished quite easily.

Main Features

  • Designed with raw beginners in mind
  • Expert, step-by-step instruction for rapid learning
  • Two instructors show you each figure in detail
  • Detailed explanation of common mistakes to avoid
  • Learn how to combine steps to actually dance
  • Advanced information to upgrade your skill

Who is this course suited for?

  • Anyone learning for the very first time, with no dance experience
  • Those who have danced, maybe even for years, but with no formal training
  • Those who learned the Tango a long time ago and need a refresher

You’ll learn how to follow the music, the basic Cha Cha step pattern, connection to your partner and step patterns that include the New York, Hand-to-Hand, Lady’s Underarm Turn, Double Spot Turn, and the Shoulder to Shoulder. We also show you how to upgrade your basic Chasse with sideways movement and turning actions.

Course Preview: Beginner Cha Cha

Want to know what the Beginner Cha Cha program looks like before you commit? Watch a brief 3-minute free preview.

Cha Cha Musicality

In this lesson we cover the rhythm of Cha Cha which is essential to be able to dance successfully.

Cha Cha Step Pattern

The Cha Cha consists of a basic five-step pattern of foot action that is used throughout the dance, at all levels. We take you through some exercises to help train your muscles so that you'll find it easy to learn this dance.

Partner connection in basic Cha Cha

Now that you understand the rhythm of Cha Cha, we focus on your connection to your partner so that you can dance comfortably together.

The Cha Cha New York

An iconic figure in Cha Cha, the New York has both partners turning and stepping forward with the inside foot. We show you some common mistakes people make so that you can avoid them in your own dancing.

The Lady’s Underarm Turn in Cha Cha

A common ending to the New York, in this figure the lady turns under the man's arm.

The Double Spot Turn in Cha Cha

This figure is another common ending to the New York. Here, both partners turn away from each other and join up again.

Cha Cha Hand to Hand

This figure is very similar to the New York, but has two important differences. We show you common mistakes people make so that you can avoid them and start off with the right technique.

Cha Cha Shoulder to Shoulder

A slightly more challenging figure but still easy to learn. We show you how to lead this, and a variation that makes it look even more impressive. We then show you how you can enter this figure directly after a Double Spot Turn.

Upgrading Your Cha Cha Chasse

Throughout this program, we used only one of the 10 different Cha Cha “Chasse” step patterns. In this lesson we upgrade you to the Side Chasse, which is what most people use when dancing the Cha Cha. It's important to move into this sideways action carefully and with the right information, so we leave it to the end of the program. We also show how you can turn the Chasse.

You can learn this dance with any shoes, or even in stocking feet if you like.
The Cha Cha is a very compact dance, so it doesn't require a lot of space.
Although you'll need a partner to dance the Cha Cha, you don't need one to learn the dance through this video program. We show you the figures from both the man's and lady's perspectives, so you can learn and practice without a partner.

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